I created this blog so I could talk about my life and events and talk about my puppy!

My husband and I raised our son in the same house for 17 years.  When the recession of 2008 hit, it altered our life permanently.  Our son graduated from hight school and move out and my husband took a full time job in Los Angeles.  He fell in love with the ocean and decided we should move down there.

I spent two months purging 17 plus years worth of stuff.  I found the Committee to Aid Abused Women was the perfect place to take clothes, bedding and small appliances.  Craig’s List became one of my favorite places to get rid of bigger stuff.  Mind you, the recession was in full swing so for the most part I would have to offer this stuff for free.  They just had to haul it away.

In the end, my son and I put everything that remained down in our shop and advertised Garage Sale – Free Stuff!  We said it started at nine in the morning but knew people would start showing up at 8.  We could not believe how many people showed up!  Most of them knew each other.  Seems they spent their weekends going from garage sale to garage sale looking for the best deals.

Did I mention that we were seventeen miles from the city?  Nobody wanted to go home empty handed.  One guy took our swam cooler that was over 20 years old.  Another took a box of cables.  We had this guy see an old camper shell that had blown over the edge of the hill and asked if he could have it.  Of course we said!  He climbed down in the sage brush, secured it with a rope and dragged it out!  The funniest I thought was the guy wanted our old basketball hoop.  The base was full of sand so he turned it upside down, fastened it to the front of his truck then drove around until the sand was gone.

All memories!