Bringing a walkman to school

This is what is known as “in media res”, where an event from the middle of the story happens in the beginning of a story or movie. I showed my botany teacher my walkman today in class, and he wasn’t very impressed. Pretty anticlimactic. Now, flash back to second period. It wasn’t actually that interesting today. My mortal enemy (for reasons that will never see the light of day outside my mind), Magda, recently switched into that class. She’s hilarious if she thinks that I’m leaving that class. Economics might be my favorite class of all time, so if anyone is leaving, it’s her. We did this competitive activity today where we were in teams and each team has to come up with the best possible definition for each of these terms, such as “consumer surplus” and “market-clearing price”.

My team had this one girl who kept stressing me out because she was all panicky about getting the perfect score, so I got really annoyed. I’m like my dad when I’m irritated, and I don’t have a filter so I just slam then with logic and shut them up so I can finish whatever I’m trying to do. This activity required us to use our notes, and we didn’t have the definition for supply curve, so she was being emotional and hyperactive, saying things like “are we going to answer this question or just bounce around all over the place?”. I looked her right in the eyes, and said “tell me when you’re listening.” When she replied that she was, I asked her if the definition was in her notes. When she replied that it wasn’t, I used my stern voice and asked her how we were supposed to answer the question.

Now flash forward to botany because english sucks, and I showed my walkman to the teacher. He said yesterday that he has a “no cell phones” policy, so some kid brought this 20 year old CD player because he thought he was cool for having such old technology. The teacher said that still wasn’t permitted, but if you brought a tape recorder with some tapes then we could talk. So I brought mine, because a walkman is way cooler, and the teacher wouldn’t let me use it. And he gets to live off of my dime. I distinctly remember the day that I bought it, because I ran into my friend at Goodwill and we talked for a while. He was telling me how he had moved to Las Vegas and started his own las vegas liquor license company, which sounded really interesting to me. I’ve always wondered what systems were at play in the sale of alcohol.