Can you get influence from Trello?

A buddy of mine was pretty excited that he could setup a Trello board and have influence flow from it to his websites.  I seriously doubt that this works.  But, for the sake of being a digital scientist, I am going to give it a shot.  So I built a Trello Board with a list of companies.  My test is to aim a couple of obscure links to the actual board and see if any juice transfers from Trello to the the websites that are represented on the board.

So, as of April 15,2017 – the board does not show up in a check with Majestic.  But I wonder if I do a Google site search, will it show up?  Let’s give it a try….
You can see – Google does not even see the trello board listed here.  So, in theory, if I have a link directly to that board from one of my influential domains, Google should pick up on that link and give it some juice.  Let me try it with someone elses domain that already ranks:

Even though Google indexes this page, Majestic does not.  So, you would never know the amount of juice (according to Majestic) that this trello board actually has.  Also, I wonder if ‘private boards’ get indexed.  Another challenge I suppose.

But, I am enamored with the Majestic rating for Trello.  Look at this:


That’s HUGE.  I would love to have viable links from Trello for this.  I will keep trying and report back here.

So, to try this experiment, I need to have a link from here to the trello board.  My logic is that does not have a lot of juice, so the link from here, on it’s own, would not pass much influence.  But a link that gets picked up here and is at Trello, should get its influence from Trello.  Will it work?  I think it will take 3 weeks to see the result.