Meeting the extended family

Just this previous weekend (yesterday actually), I went to a barbecue with my best friend and got the chance to meet her whole family. Granted, it wasn’t her ENTIRE¬†family, just immediate family like her uncles and grandparents. Her stepfather didn’t end up going, but it was supposedly because I was going. He hadn’t actually met me up to that point, he just dislikes me because I’m a boy and all boys have one thing on their mind when they’re around women. It’s a good thing he didn’t go, because I actually had fun. If he’s not going to have fun, then he can stay home and pout about it.

The family reunion took place at Bower’s Mansion, and we got there around 10 AM I think. When we arrived, I shook everyone’s hand and hugged Steph’s grandma. They all treated us like a couple but it only really embarrassed her, I don’t care what others think about me. Lunch was around 12, so until then we just hung out in the grass and talked and did what normal kids do while the adults played horseshoes and had fun. I didn’t eat breakfast, so I was starving by the time we ate. It was just a typical barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers but they tasted way better they usually would.

Plus, there was a whole table full of condiments so I dumped relish and onions and ketchup and mustard on my hot dogs and hamburgers. Not in excess though, because that would be disgusting. I previously forgot to mention that Steph’s sister Kaitlynn was with us too. All the smoke would’ve definitely ruined a kitchen, luckily I know a place for a miami restaurant hood cleaning. After lunch, she wanted to head to the Bowers’ graves at the top of the steps so we sweated and grunted up about 20 misshapen steps and we were sweating by the time we reached the top. Even though there was shade, I’m pretty sure it was upwards of 100 degrees outside yesterday. We went to the pool afterwards, but I’ll save all that jazz for the part 2 of my story (since you’re so invested).