My cousin Gabe

Since I’m already on the topic of my cousin Gabe, I might as well keep talking about him. I have a LOT to say, because he was one of the few constants in my life for the past 7 years. I move around a lot, so having a “cousin” for a best friend had its advantages. The reason I put cousin in quotes is because he’s not technically my cousin. Jason is my uncle (mom’s brother) and he married Iyali in 2004 or 2005. Iyali has a sister named Victoria, who adopted Gabriel. He’s 14 right now, and his birthday is on Halloween so that’s kinda cool I guess.

His birth mom did drugs before and possibly during pregnancy, so I think that he could have some slight psychological issues. On top of being dumb, of course. Admittedly, I extremely disliked Gabe when I first met him. He was only four and I had no idea who he was so that probably didn’t help his first impression. For some reason he always called me “ahtsay” (pronounced OTT-SAY) so I still tease him about it to this day. We originally bonded over video games because I had no real home console so I would go to Jason’s to play on his Xbox 360 because I’m selfish like that. After a while, he and I just became best friends. The main reason we hit it off is because I’ve gone to around 10 schools so I don’t usually have friends for very long.

At one point we planned on being roommates. Maybe we could have moved to Seattle and started a restaurant, where we would be covered if we needed a Hood Cleaning in Seattle. But he and I hung out at every possible chance, so most of my memories are actually with him. We even played games together online almost every day after I moved to Oregon, but he began changing for the worse. Gabe disliked his personality because nobody at his school liked him, so he got into boxing and became increasingly more aggressive towards me. If anybody ever did something that he disliked, he would threaten them or cuss them out in all caps. There was one extreme event that ultimately separated us, but I won’t delve too deep into that.