Our Puppy

If you read our about page, you know that we moved to Los Angeles after living on our sixty-five acre ranch for 17 years.  One of things I didn’t mention was we had to re-home one of our dogs (the other one was suffering from Lymphoma so I  had to put him down).

So, we lived without dogs for the first time in over twenty years.  We would live vicariously through everybody else’s dog.  Living in Los Angeles was fun because when you went to the beach, our favorite was Hermosa, we could walk along the Strand and visit with people with dogs.  And there was a lot of dogs!

This past year, we decided to get a dog.  The first one was an eight year old Mini Australian Shepherd.  She was bred to be a show dog and was on the circuit for a few years.  She was beautiful but damaged.  The vet pointed out that her teeth had wear marks from trying to chew out of a wired cage.

This poor dog would not allow us to pet her, she would hide in the house so we did not bother her.  My husband tried so hard to get her to be friendly but she had been so isolated for so many years she was not people friendly.

She had a “flight or fight” response.  If she was startled, she would take off and it was nearly impossible for us to get her to come to one of us.  One day my husband took her to a hiking park for a hike.  Two large dogs charged at her and she slipped from her collar and took off.  We spent a month going up to the park looking for her.  We put out signs and got a lot of people who spotted her.  Then one night about three in the morning, my husband had a funny feeling and opened our front door.  There she was, she ran in the house and we were so happy to see her.  She had lost about four pounds but otherwise was fine.

Sadly, she took off again about a month later and was hit by a car.  Her back leg was too damaged to save her.

About six months later, we decided to take the plunge again and get a dog.  But, this time we wanted a puppy.  We put a watch on Craig’s List  to signal us when a Mini Australian Shepherd was available.  A four month old puppy came up for sale.

He entered our lives and has given us so much joy.  He is adorable!  He is a runt.  What that means is Mini’s usually weigh about 25 pounds.  He is only seventeen.  He can sit, stay, spin left, spin right, hands up, belly crawl and did I mention he is a fetcher?  He would play fetch all day if we let him.  He comes up to us several times a day reminding us he wants to play.

So, we have a happy ending!