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Sacramento’s Top Three Best Restaurants

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California has a ton of cities with great restaurants, but personally I think that Sacramento is my favorite town to visit. It’s not uncommon to find a great restaurant in California, but these three all happen to be in Sacramento. Keep in mind that there are a lot of restaurants in Sacramento, and it was tough to come up with these top three. Hopefully these reviews will help the restaurants get more exposure and positive reputation.

fish and chips restaurant sacramento

Railroad Fish & Chips is up first, because it’s the first Sacramento restaurant that came to mind. This restaurant is found in Old Sacramento, which is in downtown Sacramento. Although Railroad Fish & Chips sounds like it only specializes in seafood, that is definitely not the case. In fact, I think that the burgers are just as good as the seafood.

I always love a restaurant that has great variety on the menu, because if I wanted to eat the same thing every night then I would only go to one restaurant. It would still be in Sacramento, though. And it would probably be Railroad Fish & Chips. Atmosphere is very important when enjoying a restaurant, and this one has no issues with the ambience. Eating right on the water is always nice, even if it’s not a beautiful ocean in Hawaii or something like that.

Sacramento is closer to the ocean than Phoenix, for example, so the seafood should still be very fresh by the time it hits your plate. If you eat seafood in the center of the United States, there’s a slim chance that it’s fresh. That’s the great part about eating seafood in California. Whenever eating at Railroad Fish & Chips, my wife usually orders the titular fish and chips. She says it’s great, and I believe her.

If I could manage to break the bacon cheeseburger’s grasp on my appetite, I might get the chance to order something else. The service is also very good at Railroad Fish & Chips. Not just the server taking our orders and not ignoring us, but the speed at which our food comes out. Railroad Fish & Chips generally has a lot of customers, but the staff never use that as an excuse for poor service.

Some other California restaurants should take a hint from that. The final thing that Railroad Fish & Chips does really well is their cleaning. The walls are clean, the servers were clean, and the food was clean. Some restaurants let food spill over from other people’s dishes into yours, but what if I had an allergy? Sanitation is even more so important in seafood restaurants, because fish is pretty risky food when it comes to food-borne illness.

My brother also happens to be a restaurant owner in Sacramento, and he’s always telling me how happy he is with his restaurant hood cleaners. So happy, in fact, that he usually opts in for the additional restaurant cleaning service. Saves him a lot of time, even after hours when the restaurant has no customers to get in the way. He’ll have to contact the management for Railroad Fish & Chips and share the hood cleaner’s number with them. Hopefully he remembers to mention the about page.

Top the beautiful location with amazing food and great service, and you have a restaurant that people will want to come back to. Great food is usually enough to keep me coming back to a restaurant, but it’s not enough to make it onto one of my review lists. If you’re just dying to learn more about Railroad Fish & Chips, read one of the great reviews online.

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Next up, there’s Bacon & Butter. Here, you will be eating near Tahoe Park in Sacramento. I found that a lot of the dishes on the menu were very unique and creative, at least compared to Bacon & Butter’s Sacramento competition. My favorite dish to order from Bacon & Butter is the grilled cheese benedict.

I know it’s not the healthiest thing, but I can always walk it off. Sacramento is a great city to jog in. Unsurprisingly, I have nothing bad to say about the food here either. Bacon & Butter specializes more in breakfast, but the breakfast is really good. It’s a nice place to visit when you have to wake up really early for something, like an event or a vacation.

All of the ingredients that the chefs use taste really fresh, and I love it a lot. I only really tend to order a few different things from each restaurant, because if I didn’t like a dish then I would probably not come back. As opposed to trying each dish until I liked one.

The service here is very on point as well, with the wait staff regularly returning to make sure my glass was full and I had everything that I needed. No complaints here, and you can find the rest of the details in the amazing online reviews.

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For those of you who are more into Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, then there’s Chickpeas Kitchen. Honestly, I wasn’t really into falafel before eating at Chickpeas Kitchen for the first time. It just sounded unappetizing, and fried food is the last thing I need to be putting in my body right now. Chickpeas Kitchen is also located in downtown Sacramento, about a block away from the California Highway Patrol station.

It’s tough for me to remember all of the names of the foods, but I will try my best. I had to ask the waiter for suggestions at first, since I wasn’t really sure what to order. He was very friendly about it and said that most people who come in are that way, since falafel is not a common food in Sacramento. I have passed a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants in the past, but the food never really caught my interest. That changed with Chickpeas Kitchen.

The falafel plate is very good, and I love the hummus and baba ganoush here. You never know if you will like something until you try it at a restaurant. Then, there’s no risk of messing up the recipe. I know for sure that I will come back though, and hopefully that is enough to convince some people to try Chickpeas Kitchen too. There are plenty of people who agree with me, as displayed by the positive online reviews.