Dr Potts Reno Chiropractor open Saturdays

Woke up grumpy and stiff Saturday

Oh boy.  One of my uncle’s favorite jokes – a guy sitting with his chiropractor and he says he’s not been feeling well lately.  Exhausted. Feeling run down.  The doctor says “in the morning, do you wake up grumpy?”   The guy says, “no.  Usually I let her sleep in.”

But I did wake up miserable on Saturday.  So I figure I had overdone it with my exercise the day before.  But it wasn’t muscle pain as much as it was what felt like a knot between my shoulder blades and my lower back.  I needed help.

My wife said that I should get in to see a chiropractor on Monday.  I thought, “ah crap.  If I hurt like this until Monday, this weekend is going to suck”.  I pulled open my notebook and did a search to find a Reno chiropractor office open on Saturday.  Low and behold!  I found one that had it right on his website that he did Saturday appointments and that all I had to do was call.  So I rang their office and the doctor answered on his cell.  He told me that he was headed to his office for another patient and he could see me in 40.  I cleaned up and headed over.  Thank you Dr. Potts!  You saved my weekend and made me feel one hell of a lot better.